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About Us


Medina Titans is a youth soccer club that is part of the Titans FC organization. Titans FC offers youth soccer clubs in multiple locations to provide families with convenience, minimize travel and enable the players to play with their friends.

Medina Titans serves the multi-sport athlete who is looking to play at a more competitive level than recreational soccer but, may not want to play soccer year-round. We provide professional coaches, fully licensed, not parent coaches.

Every year the club forms one, sometimes two, boys and girls teams for each age group. Teams are formed every spring through tryouts. Once teams are formed, training begins in early June. Practices are held twice a week and schedules are determined by the club.

Most teams will participate in one to two tournaments or jamborees throughout the summer season. During the summer, teams are evaluated by coaches and coaching directors and placed in competitive divisions that are appropriate for each individual team. A team that is well placed will win as many matches as they lose and draw any number of matches. In this way players are receiving a genuine challenge to help them develop their skills.

Which Areas Does Medina Titans Serve?

The Medina Titans Club serves the following areas;

  • Medina
  • Clyde Hill
  • Hunts Point
  • Yarrow Point
  • Northup
  • Lakeview

Where Are The Practices Held?

Medina Titans team practices are held at the following field locations;

  • Medina Elementary
  • Chinook Middle School
  • Hidden Valley Sports Park
  • Enatai Elementary
  • Odle Middle School
  • Stevenson Elementary

What League Do Medina Titans Teams Play In?

All Medina Titans teams play in the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL).

The PSPL is the regional Soccer body that consists of over 100 clubs in the Puget Sound area.

PSPL teams play a 10-match schedule in the Fall. If a team elects to play in spring, they will play an 8-match schedule. Travel is generally within a 60-minute radius, occasionally more, and within King and Snohomish counties.

For more information on the PSPL please visit:


Medina Titans are on a two-year uniform cycle, which means that your player's uniform will change every two years. Boys Kits and Girls Kits are approximately $300. Kits include 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 pairs of socks, and 1 training top, and a warm-up jacket and pants. There are also numerous optional items your player may want.


All players registering to a Medina Titans team should expect the following:

U8-U10 $1099 $899
U11-U12 $1250 $1050


Registration fees allow the club to operate in a fiscally responsible manner to cover registration, administrative costs, referees, facility rentals, field maintenance, and coaching. Medina Titans does offer payment options to help spread the cost over time.

Team Dues


Team dues are required from every family and range from $150 - $300 for each season. This fund generally covers tournament entry fees, team communication platform, and contribution towards equipment. The team dues are in addition to the player registration fee. 


The Birth Year Chart below will help you to identify the age group for your player based on their birth year.

2019/20 Birth Year Chart
Birth Year 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Age Designation U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12



Tryouts: Players tryout in the late spring. 


Teams may enter one or two summer tournaments, jamborees, or scrimmages. All tournaments will be in the Puget Sound Area. 


Fall League season. Boys and Girls teams compete in 10 games in the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL).


Spring season is optional for those that wish to continue to play and stay together as a team. Teams that elect to play in spring will compete in 8 games in the PSPL. 

However, should a team not want to continue but individual players do, we can combine players to form teams. Spring season is a great time for players to try new positions, train with other age groups, and generally experiment in a low pressure environment. For those teams participating in spring league, State Cup will come at the end of the season in April.